endo-GPS Manual-en (PDF)

is a new, patented dental instrument, that supports You during root canal treatment! The name derives form Guttapercha Paperpoint Stand; but the assoziation to the Global Positioning System says it all, as endo-GPS navigates You by assigning different materials to up to nine root ranals – arranged in groups of three and coding to three roots.

endo-GPS mit Deckel

endo-GPS – Guttapercha-/ Paperpoint Stand

Above all endo-GPS allowes You to store guttapercha cones (especially master cones) in horizontal, root canals assoziated grooves − if necessary until the next treatment session (a water-based NaClO-Alcohol solution is recommended for desinfection).
By turnig around, the endo-GPS can be alinged with evry multiple rooted toth of the patient − according to (mesio-) buccal, palatal roots or other aspects according to Your needs.
By finishing root canal preparation the needed guttapercha Master cones can be placed in a simple tray. A desinfecting water-based NaClO-Alcohol solution should interact until Your root canal cleaning and irrigation takes place by PUI, PIPS or other techniques.
After suck away most of the desinfecting solution out of the root canals & for (final) drying different sized paperpoints can be picked out of the endo-GPS grooves (if previously filled and sterilised according to this step).
After drying & customization/ trimming the desinfected guttapercha cones to the specific situaton of each root canal, they can be stored assigned to these root canal by using the endo-GPS until the root canal fillig is actual.

endo-GPS – Guttapercha-Cone/ Paper-Point-Stand — ideally filled

Other ergonomic & user-based functions makes endo-GPS to a very round package:
– made of Titanium for resistance even to hot, water-based NaClO-Alcohol residues
– stable standing for one-hand removal of prefilled (sterilised) materials:
sterile & separated sotrage of cotton pellets, foam pellets, teflon tape, …

fixture & gripping aid for safe vertical storage of previously separated silicone stops
– easy central load of water-based NaOCl-Alcohol solution by syringe
matt surface to avoid glare by the light of mikroskops or magnifying glasses

– most materials can separated & preloaded into the endo-GPS as they are autoclavable
– the optional cover allowes the secure storage of paperpoints & guttapercha cones
– endo-GPS allowes You a time-saving, more efficient & easy going endo-treatment!

endo-GPS, exploded view: — 1-2-5-0 — 1-(3)-4 — 1-2-(3)-4-5-(6)-0 —

It can be cleand with usual desinfectants for dental hand instruments. To clean in the empty state by thermodesinfector. In the filled state it should be foiled and sterilised.

I hope endo-GPS will help and support You and Your Assistance to make Your root canal treatment sessions time-saving, more efficient and easy going!
Dr. Csögör

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